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Pia Rasmussen

Department :  Consumer Nordic, Customer Marketing, Aarhus, Denmark
Education :  Master of Innovation and International Marketing, Kalmar University, Sweden. Business Development Engineer, Aarhus University, Denmark. 

Current job:
My first position in the F15 programme is within Customer Marketing in Viby, Denmark. The department analyses the opportunities and threats in the market and gives recommendations to the sales and marketing departments internally as well as retailers. An example of a concrete task is the monitoring of the performance of product launches. Based on the monitoring Customer Marketing develops and recommends necessary actions to secure the performance of Arlas products. Besides, my every day tasks I work on a project aiming at enhancing the success rate of new product launches. The project is extremely interesting and relevant since it relates to several departments across the whole value chain. I’m very satisfied with my first position because I’ve had a good mix of project-oriented work as well as operational tasks. Meanwhile, the position has also helped me build a wide network within the organisation due to the cross functional nature of my main project.

Why Arla:
I had three main priorities for my first job. First of all, I wanted to work within a company with many different opportunities regarding international jobs and cross-functional jobs. Secondly, I was very focused on the values of the company and the atmosphere in general. It’s important for me to have colleagues who can be both ambitious as well as fun and easy going at the same time. In my opinion this only happens when a company works seriously and continuously with HR and corporate values. When I for instance saw the corporate values “Lead, Sense and Create” the first time they made sense to me and since the values felt trustworthy through all my meetings with Arla employees during the application process I felt convinced that Arla was the right place for me. Last but not least, I wanted join a graduate programme, because the opportunity to try out different positions makes very much sense to my goal to work within cross-functional business development and innovation.

As already mentioned my overall goal is to work within business development and innovation. Both things can take place all over the organisation and I’m not determined on a specific job or a specific department that I want to work in after ending the F15 programme. For me the whole process of innovation begins with the idea and ends with the commercialisation of the idea. Since every change a company make should somehow create value to the customers I would very much like to have my next position within sales in order to get some first hand experience from interaction with customers such as retailers. Preferably, I would like to go to markets like the US or UK where the retailers are ahead of Denmark and Scandinavia on many areas. As the last position I would like to work with innovation and product development in order to get experience from the other end of the value chain.