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Kajsa Petersson

Department :  Nordic Marketing & Innovation, Consumer Nordic, Stockholm, Sweden
Education :  Master of Science in Biotechnology Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

Current job:
I have had the luck to start of my first position at Nordic Marketing & Innovation in Stockholm. I have so far got a good picture of the Nordic organisation and all opportunities, as well as challenges, it brings when working with fresh dairy products. My assignments are spanning both countries, departments and projects, which allows for interesting cross-functional collaboration. At the moment I have three on-going projects with totally different character. Among other things, I am working on Arlas new direction with Closer to Nature from a product developers’ perspective. Additionally, I do a project to increase the rate of succeccful market launches as well as writing business cases for new initiatives to be undertaken for the Marketing & Innovation department in the coming years.

Why Arla:
With descriptions like global workplace, intense work experience and personal growth Arla certainly caught my interest in the F15 Graduate Programme. Due to my educational background with focus on both business knowledge and technological development, it was important to me to find a company where both skills could be useful. And as it turns out, Arla has been the optimal choise! As a bonus I can bring my work home- and put it in the refrigerator! Additionally, Arla is a friendly company with sound values where personality and well beeing is put at first hand. All trainees are encurrage to take lead on their own personal and professional development, with good help and inspiration from the organisation.

Arla has recently launched their new Strategi 2013 with ambitious goals to be the best dairy company and double the product innovation output with focus on natural health and organic products. This is a vision that appeals to me and therefor I am planning to further deepen my knowledge about long-term, visionary and break-through innovations at Arlas corporate unit Foodturum. To complement the two innovation positions I would also like to go to Arlas offices in USA or Canada to explore a more commersial and global side of the company. To plan for the future is hard but with good support from both my host manager and sponsor I feel that my interests and skills can be well incorporated into the Arla way of thinking!